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Verwarming – Heating

At MILIV we provide a comprehensive range of industrial and commercial heating installation services – from the provision of a single replacement boiler through to the design and implementation of the complete Heating Installations.

Neglecting the importance of the heating systems runs the risk of wasting money, damaging the environment, or worse still, putting the health and safety of those in the premises at risk.
Don’t let that happen! Contact us!

Sanitair – Sanitary

There can be no messing around when it comes to sewer or other sanitary-related systems.

MILIV offers sanitary ware installation as part of our many services.

We have a dedicated team of highly skilled sanitary ware specialists to deal with your demands whether it be in the Commercial, Retail, Leisure or Residential Sector we can design and install to your specific requirements.
If you wish to discuss your own plumbing project, don’t hesitate and give us a call.

Ventilatie – Ventilation

We are so proud to offer assistance to businesses in so many areas as well as ventilation. Proper ventilation and air balancing are a must. Without the ventilation necessary to allow the building to “breathe,” people in your work space / buildings will start to suffer from headaches, nausea, and complications that will cut down on productivity.

We offer a big number of indoor air quality and ventilation services for light commercial HVAC, but we also install other types of exhaust systems.
Just let us know what are your needs and we’ll take care of everything.

Boringen – Coring

When it comes to coring, we know what the industry wants: for the job to be delivered in the most timely and efficient manner while obtaining the highest possible recoveries of useful rock for data evaluation.

Concrete coring is mainly used in construction and public works to cleanly open passages for pipes, ducts, pipes and conduits through walls (air conditioning, heating, air conditioning units, etc.), to incorporate elements of metallic structures into an existing construction (renovation, extension of construction, etc.), but also to take over or redo underground pipelines.

Isolatie – Insulation

Insulation may be used in the construction industry for a number of different purposes: thermal insulation (to prevent the transmission of heat, typically between the inside and outside of a building), accoustic insulation to prevent the transmission of sound and also the insulation to protect the ventilation and sanitary pipes.

Insulation means more comfort and lower bills, so leave us a message when you need our services.

Solar Panel – Installation

Solar Panel installation for both residential and commercial clients.
We can install rooftop solar panels on shingle, metal, tile, and flat roofs.
We offer pre-construction consultation and coordinate with your builder/contractor.
We also offer ground mount solar energy systems and solar carports.

Our installation services include Complete Freedom warranty.